CityZEN. Accessory

Streeet furniture accessory

Our concrete CityZEN street furniture is highly variable, durable and aesthetical at the same time. Concrete with special finishing is able to resist vandals and is low on maintenance.

CityZEN. Accessory

Wide range of accessories

CityZEN items can be easily and flexibly combined thanks to their variability without affecting its visual style integrity. Note: We also offer other items matching the design of concrete barbeques - tables, benches, bicycle racks, waste bins, concrete flowerpots or an outdoor dog toilet.

CityZEN. Accessory

Outdoor concrete barbeque and concrete fireplace that will help you create and outdoor sitting area made to measure, are unique products of CityZEN furniture. Perfectly variable system of concrete items will bring life to any public space.

CityZEN. Accessory

No chance for vandals

All items have been designed to resist thieves and vandals. It is practically imposible to steal single parts without using heavy machinery due to the weight of used material. Special concrete mixture used for CityZEN furniture provides extreme firmness even in bends.

Accessory Accessory

CityZEN. Accessory

Anti-graffiti coating

The setup can be treated with a special anti-graffiti coating which enables easy cleaning of the furniture. Getting rid of graffiti is a short process now.

Accessory Accessory

CityZEN. Accessory

Custom made solutions

We can paint our concrete furniture different colours according to client´s needs. Apart from delivery itself, we also provide other services connected to preparation and completing of the project, as well as regular and aftersales maintenance (e.g. renewal of hydrofobic paint, repairs of wooden parts).

Accessory Accessory

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