CityZEN. Concrete barbeque

Concrete barbeque

Create an unconventional space for people to meet. Our highly functional and durable concrete CityZEN barbeque will offer a great place for gatherings.

CityZEN. Concrete barbeque

Fully professional barbeque

This concrete barbeque has an advantage of an adjustable steel grill which is set in a massive concrete construction. Iron parts of the barbeque have been designed by one of the most experienced Czech barbeque and fireplace makers, Mr. Mikuláš Hořánek.

Concrete barbeque Concrete barbeque

CityZEN. Concrete barbeque

CityZEN barbeque can be equipped with more furniture like benches, waste bins, bicycle racks or concrete flower pots.

Concrete barbeque Concrete barbeque

CityZEN. Concrete barbeque

Smell of wood and real taste

For the best barbeque atmosphere, we recommend using wood or charcoal. Black coal is not suitable for CirtyZen barbeques and fireplaces.

Concrete barbeque Concrete barbeque

CityZEN. Concrete barbeque

Lockable ashtray

Ashes from the barbeque are caught up in a closed removable ashtray with a capacity of at least 10 uses. The ash container can be easily removed and cleaned by staff in charge.

CityZEN. Concrete barbeque

If you deal with care for the greenery, you can also use wooden ashes as a fertilizer or as a great addition to your compost.

Concrete barbeque Concrete barbeque

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